At Booker Gym Club we run classes for all ages and abilities.  Our aim is for each and every participant to reach their full potential whether they are training at Recreational or Competitive level.   We are predominantly a Grass Roots Club and our main focus is to provide a safe and fun environment, allowing our members to enjoy this diverse sport.  Our Classes include Pre School, Recreational, General, Adult, Freestyle, Tumbling & Women’s Artistic.

Children can come to Tumbling Toddlers as soon as they can walk, and then move on through Pre School classes and on into Recreational sessions when they go to full time school.   Our highly BG qualified coaches continually assess the children in Pre School and Recreational Sessions and children showing strength, flexibility and an affinity to the sport will then be invited into the next level of General Gymnastics classes.

As they work their way up through these stepping stones they will be given the opportunity to attend County Floor & Vault competitions and UKG Individual Apparatus Competitions in the UK and Jersey.

We also run Development Squads for Boys and Girls, a Tumbling Squad and a Women’s Artistic Development Squad for our dedicated members who show potential to take their training further.   Our Tumbling Squad competes at County, Regional and National level, and our WA Squad at County & Regional.

We also run classes for Teenagers/Adults for those who want to carry on training at a non-competitive level or those returning to the sport after a break.

For boys we run four popular Freestyle classes.  Freestyle is a mixture of FreeRunning, Parkour and Tricking and we have classes to suit all abilities from complete beginners upwards.

Children with Special Needs are welcomed into the club and we have a number of qualified GMPD coaches to help them become integrated into our classes.  Each year we hold a Gala for all the local specialist schools to come and enjoy a day of gymnastics, plus we run specialised courses for these schools so they can participate yearly in this sport.

At Booker we offer a Free Trial to all our Pre School, Recreational & General classes to ensure that we find the right class for you, so please give us a call and we can book you in.