£7,500 raised in 2012-2013

A big thank you to all our members who have helped us raise £6,000 over the last couple of years to go towards a competition standard tumble track.  Tumblers from our club have won countless Gold, Silver and Bronze medals having trained for the last three years on just a sprung floor and air track.  In June three of our tumblers will be representing the Southern Region at the National Tumbling Finals in Stoke on Trent.  Imagine how many children we can introduce to this exciting discipline when we get a tumble track for them to train on!  We have also received £500 from a local business man plus £1000 from Southern Region.

Booker 25 Year Gala Celebrations

IMG_7724In 2012 we celebrated 25 years with a fundraising Gala, Raffle and Challenge.  We    wanted all the club members to be involved so all the members took part in the Big Booker Rolling Challenge during their sessions.  Many gymnasts performed a wide range of displays at the Gala including Rhythmic, Pairs Acro, Trampette & Vault, Floor, Beam, A Bars, P Bars, High Bar, Tumbling, Freestyle and Cheerleading by the Booker Belles.  Following the performances we had a special award ceremony for the members where we could celebrate all the children across all the classes.  These children may never compete however they always give us 110% in their lessons, are happy and helpful and they are simply a joy to teach.

IMG_7998 - CopyAs we wanted all our members to join in the celebrations we organised Zorbing in the gym after the Gala which was fantastic fun for young and old!   This also linked into our Big Rolling Challenge!

IMG_8396 - Copy


Our Raffle was supported by so many local businesses and the Gala, Challenge and Raffle raised £4,101.00

All the proceeds from this fundraising will go towards new equipment for our members.

Please go to our gallery to view photos of these celebrations.

Booker Gym Clubs Children Charity

Two of our gymnastic coaches  travelled to Accra in Ghana to teach gymnastics at the Osu Children’s Home in January 2010.  After an associate met with these children and was so moved by their plight we felt we needed to give these children something to improve their quality of life.   Although we knew we couldn’t change their situation to a great degree we did give them a real treat.

Gym Clubs and schools in Bucks generously gave all the crucial gym equipment we needed for a gym session and what we could not find we managed to buy second hand.   This equipment includes a vaulting horse, padded bench, springboards, rebounder, 26 mats and lots of balls, bats and gym kits.  All this was shipped out and our contacts in Ghana helped us get this equipment to the children. The club raised necessary funds to purchase many mosquito nets which are urgently required in this area by throwing a Christmas party for the children, holding a raffle and all the members taking part in a Big Booker Challenge.

We raised £2500.00 and we will continue to help disadvantaged children both here in the UK and overseas.

Many thanks for your support

Booker Gym Club Team