Meet our friendly staff

Name Qualifications
Kate Dutnall
Head Coach
BG General Club Coach Level 3
BG Tumbling Level 3, Module 1
BG Womens Artistic Coach Level 1
BG Pre-School Club Coach
GMPD (Disabilities Coaching Award)
BG Child-Protection Awareness
Qualified First Aid
Freestyle Coach Level 3
Jackie Coles
Welfare Officer
BG Womens Artistic Coach Level 2, UKG Level 3
BG General Assistant Club Coach Level 1
BG Child-Protection Awareness
BG Time to Listen
Qualified First Aid
Louise Wheeler BG Womens Artistic Coach Level 2
Qualified First Aid
Floor and Vault Judge
Louise Harman  Womens Artistic Club Coach
Charlie Bunt Tumbling Level 2
Olivia Collingwood BG General Level 2 Tumbling Level 3
Sharon Glanville Pre school Level 1 coach
BG Womens Artistic Level 2, UKG Level 3
Johanna PontinCaroline Boston BG Womens Artistic Coach Level 2, UKG Level 3BG Womens Artistic Coach Level 2
Hayley Chapple                  BG Womens Artistic Coach Level 2                                       GMPD (Disabilities Coaching Award                                                   Floor and Vault Judge
Megan Coles            General Level 2 BG Womens Artistic Level 1                                                   GMPD (Disabilities Coaching Award)                               Floor and Vault Judge
Jake Glanville Lucy Tonna Henry

Bethany Medhurst

Harlie Shelton

BG General Level Level
 Hana Cantrell BG Women’s Artistic Level 1


Jo Stevens BG General Level 1
Rudy Bell-Bishop, Josh Saunders, Jacob Rose, Ed Galley Trainee Freestyle Coach
Vanessa Emery  Volunteer Gym Coach
 Lidia Prieto, Tyla Cantrell, Libby Bunt, Zara Hussain, Lucy Francis, Amy Milsom, Sean Harrison, Anna Lewis  Trainee Gym Coach
 Susie Catchpole, Paula Middleton, Anna Hunter, Harvey Ashley BG NDP Tumbling Judge
Charlie Bunt, Hana Cantrell, Louise Wheeler, Megan Coles, Caitlin Joyce, Harvey Ashley UKG Individual Apparatus Judges