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Children are invited from our recreational and General class to take part in the development  class. 


This is the next step up for our gymnasts and they will need good flexibility and strength to be selected for this class.  These individual strengths will help them to learn more challenging moves on floor, bars, beam, vault, parallel bars, trampette and tumble

The classes start with a warm up focusing on gymnastic dance and a stretch followed by floor skills before the children get into groups to go on the equipment.  

The children in these classes are expected to work on their flexibility and strength at home as well as in the sessions.


The children benefit from having their own coach which will help them to achieve their goals at a faster pace. This class is a feeder into our Competition Squads.  


All our gymnasts are monitored, with coaches identifying their key strengths and moving them up through the club as they achieve more challenging skills.


Children in this class take part in the BAGA Award scheme, moving into the higher level Advanced Proficiency Award Scheme

Session Times

4 - 8 years

Wednesday 4.15 to 5.15pm


Please click the link below, complete and submit to go onto our waiting list.

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