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Freestyle Gymnastics is a mix of FreeRunning, Tricking, Parkour and Urban Gymnastics. Learn to tumble, freestyle vault and tricks such as wall flips, palmspins, kick the moon,  corkscrews, freestyle vaults and much more.

The sessions here at Booker give you the chance to work on high adrenalin skills and stamp your own style on.  

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Friday Sessions

This is a chance to learn front and back flips, palmspins, cat, freestyle vaults, bar work and much much more. 


These classes are suitable for beginners upwards, covering a broad spectrum of skills and many different challenging equipment set ups.  After a warm up, quick stretch and conditioning, the participants get into groups to go onto the equipment.   Each group has their own coach to help them develop their skills across the term.  The groups are put together according to age, ability and also friendship.

Wednesday 7.30 pm Session

This is the next level up for our freestylers and by invitation only.   Once a good safe front and back flip has been mastered on the Friday, an invitation is given to come to the Wednesday session where these skills will be taken to the wall in wallflips and start working on kick the moon, corkscrews, gainers and skills from a height.


Wednesday 8.30 pm Session


This is for anyone, beginner, intermediate or advanced, over the age of 13.   After a warm up and skills as a group, the participants are able to freely decide the skills they want to work on and BG coaches are on hand to help them achieve these skills.   All members must comply to our rules regarding flips and will be assessed by our coaches and told if they are safe to do so, and if not they will help them work through the progressions to achieve these.


  Session Times  

Advanced Free Running

Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30 pm

(by invitation)

Youth/Adult Free Running

Wednesday 8.30 - 9.30 pm

13+ Years

Beginners Free Running

Friday 5.10 - 6.10 pm

6 to 9 years

Friday 6.15 - 7.15 pm

10 to 13 years


Please click the link below, complete and submit to go onto our waiting list.

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