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Recreational gymnastics takes place after school on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. These classes cover all aspects of gymnastics including beam, single bar, asymmetric bar, parallel bars, vault, trampette, tumble, rings and floor.


They also include hand held skills such as ribbons, hoops, ropes, scarves, and balls so that the children can also learn basic rhythmic gymnastic skills. 

The classes start with a warm up to music and a stretch followed by floor skills before the children get into groups to go on the equipment. The equipment set up changes every two weeks, allowing us to work through many different skills on the  sylllabus.


The classes are geared towards learning through fun, and the children take part in the BAGA award scheme

Rec red beam boy.JPG

Session Times
4 - 10 years


Tuesday 4 - 5 pm

Tuesday 5.15 - 6.15pm

Thursday 4 - 5 pm

Thursday 5.15 - 6.15 pm

Please click the link below, complete and submit to go onto our waiting list.

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